Well, if a thread has loose ends, we are the knot jobitel who closes the loop.

Zoen garments is an one-stop shop for textile manufacturing, xjobs sourcing, buying, inspection and delivery of finished goods. Catering to a wide network of reputed brands in the UK, parts of Western Europe and India, Zoen has established a unique identity for itself in those markets with its commitment to quality and a professional network management.

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Our speciality

When it comes to textile manufacturing and sourcing business, the scope for communication loss in transit of requirements between buyers and suppliers is huge. With our highly professional team, we work closely with our clients for sample & product approvals, factory approvals, execution and confirmation of specific orders. Further with a personalized customer service, we ensure that there is no miscommunication right from the initiation phase till the delivery, giving the output as promised, at the committed time and quality.

Our Process

We follow a stringent process, irrespective of the order size, to ensure that the quality standards are maintained to a needle eye precision. (Now this is a cue to make you look at our logo closer) Right from sampling, vendor compliance, raw material sourcing, logistics to customs clearance, we ensure that the end to end process is established and executed to delight our customers in every possible way.

what we do


Leaving out the arduous task of designing Batman’s clothes and stitching the Emperor’s new clothes, we at Zoen garments take up every possible project in the clothing ecosystem and deliver them much to the satisfaction and delight of our customers and consumers. Looks like a tall claim we are making? Well, not so tall as the reputation we have garnered in providing these products and services over the years.

Right from manufacturing high quality, creatively designed garments for this insatiable hungry world of fashion, to sourcing the right materials by tapping the right network, squeezing brains to come up with creative design patterns and burning the midnight oil to provide the best quality output at the best possible quality. Zoen garments is the merger of technology, skill and commitment in the garment domain. We are an ambitious team making the fervent jumps to reach the top. And we do not necessarily want to be the best. We want to keep innovating, improving and jumping to keep pushing the best and bring about a healthy ecosystem in the ensuing attempts. Our jump has already begun.

Design services

A fully equipped design studio churning out awesome fabric designs with dedicated teams for each brand.

Fabric R & D

An expert team to raise the bar of the quality and processes of the fabrics to provide the best output, every single time.

Technical services

An in-depth knowledge of pattern making and fits to people make us compete with the best of the bests in this industry.


The exemplary conduct paves way for the stringent process, right from the purchase of yarn to the shipment of the finished product.

Quality control

Engagement from prototype to production. Intensive planning and stringent monitoring with accordance to AQL standards to ensure the finest of outputs.


Planing and booking of cargo, Co-ordinating with freight and shipping agents and expediting the clearance of cargo.

Customer delight

Well, this is one work that we can never compromise on. And this is one work we are addicted to do. Your smile. That makes our day.


Well, this is much of a cliche, isn’t it? We saying good about us in our own website… However, there are quite a few attributes that we take pride in, the ones which we feel will provide value to our clients. We boast, because we can.

Perhaps the positives that come out of our services are not limited, never limited to the items mentioned below. But these pointers are etched in the minds, hearts and machines of our company that we make it a point to ensure that the following six are followed and abided in every single delivery of ours. Consider them as the doctrines that run our company and therefore our reputation. Let the following serve as a pointer to our new and prospective clients on what they can expect out of the beneficiary relationship with Zoen.

Stringent quality

With a robust production management and total quality management, we ensure a very high quality standards throughout the operations.

On-time delivery

We have a streamlined, calibrated process implemented for all our business operations to ensure that outputs are delivered on time.

Diverse Network

With over 40 diverse factories covering a wide range of scaling operations, across multiple geographies, we can shoulder multiple projects.

Innovation in design

With creative minds at work and the young atmosphere to work in, we produce design outputs that stand out in creative finesse.


A huge dinosaur load of bulk orders or a small rat size order, we have the capacity to work at any scale, producing the same quality.

Speed to market

A robust establishment of processes and a expert outlook in monitoring ensure that our products go to the market quickly.

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